Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st, 2012 Edition

Newt sent out this special announcement to all his loyal supporters.  We will miss our conservative warrior on the campaign trail.  Our prayers are with you, Speaker Gingrich

Kudos to Isabella and Rex for this magnificent masterpiece!  Newt Nation is forever grateful for warriors like these two. Share with everyone you know. Isabella is a superstar!

Thomas Griswold, III has graciously agreed to host the Conservative Voice News!  If you are not familiar with Thomas' work, you can see him here in the famous 'Loud & Proud' video made to support the Newt Gingrich campaign.  Stay tuned for our first news video!

The Country Thinker  

Voting for Romney (D-​​Mass.): The Worst Mistake a Conservative Could Make

         April 7, 2012

To com­pare the Repub­li­can Party to a car, politi­cians are the hood orna­ment. Money is the gaso­line, and spe­cial inter­ests are the dri­ver, mechanic, and gas sta­tion atten­dant. The rest of the vehi­cle is built of con­sul­tants, cam­paign man­agers, advi­sors, bureau­crats, media and mar­ket­ing folks, state and national com­mit­tee mem­bers, etc., etc. Within the con­text of Repub­li­can Party pol­i­tics, elected offi­cials yield the least influ­ence. The pres­i­dent may be the most pow­er­ful per­son in the world, but that doesn’t mean he’s in charge. Politi­cians who sin­cerely want to do a good job are deemed “Out­liers” and are given lit­tle influ­ence, or are openly attacked by the Party; see the sor­did story of Gov­er­nor John Kasich (R-​​Oh.) below. (Obama works off-​​script an unusu­ally large amount of the time for a pres­i­dent, which is why the Demo­c­ra­tic estab­lish­ment can’t stand him and can’t wait for his next term to fin­ish. Hillary Clin­ton will be much more compliant.)

Read More at ...  http://countrythinker.com/home/politics/voting-for-romney-d-mass-the-worst-mistake-a-conservative-could-make/

Bill Tato

Who has the watch?

           May 1, 2012

"Not on my watch.” 

How many times does a politician campaign on what is the right and necessary thing to do?

We’ve heard it time and time again, once they’re in they’ll turn things around, get back on track, move in the right direction, no matter how much discomfort is involved.

Then reality sets in and the actual amount of pain that has to be inflicted on the populous to, in fact, set the right course is suddenly realized.

At that moment in time, the politicians’ direction which got him or her elected is suddenly changed.

Whatever is necessary to do or say in order to get reelected becomes a paramount goal. The betterment of the people, the economy, and even the country is to be damned.

The politicians’ instinct of self preservation takes over.

Read More at ... http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/billtatro/2012/05/01/who_has_the_watch

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