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May 18th, 2012 Edition

Will Gay Marriage Force Black Churches to Reconsider Democratic Party?
by Larry Elder
May 17, 2012

President Obama's affirmation of gay marriage threatens to undermine the near-monolithic black support Obama enjoyed in 2008. Several members of the black clergy now say they intend to sit out the presidential election. One poll from last November found black opposition to gay marriage at 58 percent, higher than the rest of the country, which is about evenly split.

The real question is this: What took black church leaders so long to reconsider their near blind support for the Democratic Party?

The historical strength of black churches has been that of a moral and spiritual refuge in a once-hostile country of legalized slavery and Jim Crow. This explains why so many civil rights leaders came out of the church. The moral cause was just and clear: Equal rights mean equal rights -- for everyone.

But equal rights and equal results are two very different things. The modern civil rights movement lost its way by failing to appreciate the difference. To achieve "equal results," the Democratic Party, among other things, demands redistribution of wealth, a government response to the "gap" between the rich and poor, higher minimum wages and higher taxes on the so-called rich.

The Democratic Party opposes education vouchers, despite polls showing that black and Hispanic inner-city parents want them. The Democratic Party is the party of race-based preferences and also opposes privatization of Social Security.

The Democratic Party is the party of the welfare state -- a neutron bomb dropped on the intact nuclear family. Author/editor/professor Marvin Olasky, in his book "The Tragedy of American Compassion," traces the growth of welfare. During a mere three-year period in the 1960s, welfare rolls increased nearly 110 percent. President Johnson established "neighborhood centers" whose workers went door-to-door, apprising people of their welfare "rights and benefits."

Until the so-called "War on Poverty," the poverty rate declined steadily. At the turn of the century, nearly 70 percent of Americans were poor. But by the time of the "War on Poverty," the rate stood at approximately 13 or 14 percent. What happened? Welfare created dependency and decreased the incentive of the welfare recipient.

Comedy Central's Lament: Conservatives are Ruining Twitter
by Christian Toto
May 17, 2012

Comedy Central's programming lineup is littered with liberals, from Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart to the new "Key & Peele" show. No matter how hard you squint you won't find a show catering to the Right.

So what does the network do when it sees conservative jokesters trumping their liberal peers on Twitter?

Whine, whine whine.

Check out this Comedy Central "Indecision" blog post dubbed, "Conservative Hashtag Games Are Ruining Twitter." The author, Gonzalo Cordova, is kevetching that every time those wonderful liberals start a social media meme conservatives hijack it for their own cause.

Everyone in power deserves to be ridiculed. If that wasn't true, we'd be wasting our time with this blog (instead of just wasting your time with this blog). I don't have a problem with these hashtag games politically. I have a problem with these hashtag games comedically....Liberals, hashtags rarely work in your favor and they're often hijacked by obsessive conservatives. Conservatives, please be funnier.

Liberals clearly are dismayed by the power of Twitter and how its level playing field plays to the Right's advantage. Unlike, say, movies ... TV shows ... music ... universities ... the media in toto ... which all lean decidedly to the Left.

Rather than urge the Left to get funnier, or loosen up a bit, or even fight fire with fire, the author whines that conservatives simply won't play nice. Plus, he doesn't get their jokes.

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Chuck Colson: An American story of freedom
by Mark J. Fitzgibbons
May 18, 2012

The life of Chuck Colson was celebrated beautifully on May 16 in a memorial service at Washington's National Cathedral. Colson's conversion to a man of unyielding faith, and his turning his life to Christ, is more than a great lesson of redemption. He was exemplary proof of the value of our freedoms.

At the memorial service, the speakers commented one way or another about his fall from a position of great political power as special counsel to President Nixon. That fall was an instrumental part of the life and lesson of Chuck Colson. He walked among the weakest sinners after being among the most powerful ones. He changed lives after changing his own.

I don't recall any news account I read about his death not referencing the low point of his career, his involvement in the Watergate break-in that resulted in his serving eight months in a federal prison. Of course, many in the liberal press emphasized the Watergate aspects of Colson's life story over the Christian deeds he did, including founding Prison Fellowship Ministries. He was, after all, a Christian and a conservative. The liberal press often seems incapable of praising honestly any man of that combination.

Colson's criminal behavior, however, affected directly far fewer people than the vast amounts of theft, plunder, fraud and dishonesty found within big government. Unlike, for example, Fast and Furious, Colson's crime resulted in no deaths. Colson paid for his crime, yet the liberal press mostly ignores the conduct of everyday government that harms more people than Chuck Colson's crime.

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