Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25th, 2012 Edition

The NOT Obama Democrats
by Newt Gingrich
May 24th, 2012

A new phenomenon has begun to develop. There is clear evidence of the emergence of a "NOT Obama" wing of the Democratic Party.

This NOT Obama wing is emerging both at the grass roots and among elected officials in response to Obama's more radical policies.

Consider first the grass-roots rebellion under way against the president. The first big signal was the 41 percent of the vote Keith Judd won in the West Virginia Democratic primary. Here was a convicted felon sitting in a Texas federal prison with a 17 1/2-year sentence for extortion. When West Virginia Democrats prefer a convicted felon to the president, they are showing they are "NOT Obama Democrats."

This week the depth of the NOT Obama Democrats was further revealed when John Wolfe got 41 percent of the vote in the Arkansas primary. Wolfe, an attorney whose platform includes repealing Obamacare, actually won 36 counties against Obama's 39 counties.

The same day, “uncommitted” got 42 percent in Kentucky and actually carried a majority of the counties (66 counties to 54 Obama counties).

This 42 percent is the same percentage Eugene McCarthy got against President Lyndon Johnson in New Hampshire in 1968, and at that time it was considered an earthquake to have that many Democrats repudiate their own president.

Earlier, on March 6, Obama got only 57 percent in Oklahoma, losing 43 percent of the vote to four opponents. He lost in 15 counties and anti-abortion activist Terry Randall actually won a delegate while beating Obama in 12 rural counties.

This is the first time in 32 years that a sitting president has lost 40 percent or more of the vote in three primary elections.

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Attacked for Being Conservative: Ted Cruz Needs Our Help.
by Erick Erickson

May 25th, 2012

I never thought I’d see the day when a Republican attacks another Republican for being a free market conservative, but that’s what David Dewhurst is doing in his attempt to buy the Texas Senate Election.

New polling out shows that Dewhurst is close to, but not at, 50% — the threshold he needs to reach to avoid a runoff with Ted Cruz. So now Dewhurst is attacking Ted Cruz for being a free market conservative aligned with . . . wait for it . . . no serious, wait for it . . . free market groups like the Club for Growth.

Dewhurst is a multimillionaire who intends to win this thing by going negative on Ted Cruz. Cruz does not have Dewhurst level resources, but we can get him close. He absolutely needs your help right now. Got to and pour the cash in.

When a candidate is attacked for being a free market conservative, we need to have his back and help him fight back.

The most stunning irony in the latest Dewcrist . . . er . . . Dewhurst attacks is that Dewcrist is trying to tie Ted Cruz to amnesty proposals when Dewcrist voted for the Texas DREAM Act and blocked efforts to enact e-Verify.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz not only opposes amnesty, but drew ire from the left for successfully defending Texas’s right to execute an illegal alien for raping and murdering two teenage girls.

We need to do everything we can to get Ted Cruz elected.

New Poll: Obama Leads Romney in Wisconsin, but Gary Johnson Could Impact the Race
by Emily Ekins

May 24, 2012

While a majority of Wisconsin voters plan to vote for Republican Governor Scott Walker in the June 5th recall election, Wisconsinites plan to vote for President Barack Obama by a margin of 10 percent over Mitt Romney  (46 percent to 36 percent)

Among likely voters, Obama’s margin over Romney shrinks to 44-41 percent. Consequently, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s 5 percent of the vote could potentially impact the results of thisswing-state. Depending on whether Johnson takes more votes from Romney or Obama could swing which presidential candidate receives the state’s electoral votes.

Gary Johnson voters in Wisconsin are difficult to categorize, as they agree with Mitt Romney supporters to end automatic union dues deductions, and think public employee unions have too much power and get better benefits than private sector workers. However, they are more like Obama supporters in that they are less comfortable limiting public unions’ collective bargaining, and are slightly more likely to vote for Tom Barrett (38 to 33 percent). They self-identify as Independent, but tend to lean Republican.

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