Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 5th, 2012 Edition

Scapegoating Conservatism: Post-Defeat Planners Redux
Published on May 5, 2012

One of the things I’ve already noticed is the start of the excuse-making on the part of the Republican establishment. They shoved Mitt Romney down our throats, but some of us have vomited him out of our mouths because we simply cannot tame the bile-raising nausea we feel in the pits of our stomachs. The immediate response of the GOP establishment has been to manufacture a narrative that will effectively blame conservatives if Romney loses. They won’t blame his lack of conservatism. They won’t blame his duplicity or his negative primary campaign. They won’t blame their own complicity in setting us up with a candidate we don’t want, but what they will do is blame we conservatives, and it’s starting already.

On Texas, Energy and Opportunity
by Jason Thomas
Published on May 5th, 2012

Today we sit at a crossroads in both the economic future of the United States and the energy model that will fuel the world over the next century. Texas is positioned to be one of the biggest winners in what promises to be a disruptive shift in the world's energy production and economic leadership. Texas sits at the intersection of a past where energy was ostensibly cheap but expensive in ways few would acknowledge and a future where energy is no longer taken for granted.
The price of a century of cheap oil

The global energy mix of the past few decades has been based largely on fossil fuels, particularly oil sourced from some of the most hostile regions of the planet. The negative implications of this have been numerous.

AMERICAN THINKER: The Republican Establishment's Strategic Blunder
by Steve McCann
Published January 30th, 2012

The Republican Party has a tenuous hold on the conservative movement in America. At present the only home for the 40 per cent of the electorate that identify themselves as conservative is the Republican Party, but it appears that those who are nominally identified as the "Republican Establishment" are doing all they can to alienate the vast majority of the current base of the Party.

There is no office on Connecticut Avenue in Washington with a sign reading "The Republican Establishment" or the "The Democratic Establishment"; rather it is an amalgam of like-minded groups with one common interest: control of the government purse-strings.

The Republican Establishment is made up of the following: 1) many current and nearly all retired Republican national office holders whose livelihood and narcissistic demands depends upon fealty to Party and access to government largesse; 2) the majority of the conservative media, including pundits, editors, writers and television news personalities based in Washington and New York whose proximity to power and access is vital to their continued standard of living; 3) numerous think-tanks and members thereof who are waiting to latch on to the next Republican administration for employment and ego-gratification; and 4) the reliable deep pocket political contributors and political consultants whose future is irrevocably tied to the political machinery of the Party.

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