Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15, 2012

Corruptocrat Eric Holder's GOP Enablers
by Michelle Malkin
June 15, 2012

Corruptocrat Eric Holder's GOP EnablersWhile calls for U.S. Attorney General Eric "Stonewall" Holder's resignation grow and the House GOP gears up for a contempt vote next week, it's worth remembering how we got into this mess. In two words: feckless bipartisanship.

"I like Barack Obama and want to help him if I can." That was Utah GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch in January 2009, just weeks before the Senate voted on President Obama's attorney general nominee, Eric Holder. Right out of the gate, upon Obama's election in November 2008, Hatch signaled that he would greenlight the administration's top law enforcer.

"I start with the premise that the president deserves the benefit of the doubt," the six-term incumbent Hatch told The Hill newspaper. "I don't think politics should be played with the attorney general."

Utah voters, mark those words. Bending to bipartisanship for bipartisanship's sake -- and ignoring the obvious consequences -- is playing politics.

And, conservatives, please remember the actions of all 19 Republican senators who ignored Holder's abominable career as a political fixer and confirmed him. "I found Mr. Holder to be a good listener, which is an important prerequisite for any good leader," Missouri GOP Sen. Kit Bond explained in support of the nomination. "I believe him when he says that he's willing to take good ideas from wherever they come."

In addition to Hatch and Bond, the other 17 Senate Republicans who helped put Holder in place at the Justice Department were: Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., Bob Bennett, R-Utah, Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., Susan Collins, R-Maine, Bob Corker, R-Tenn., Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, Judd Gregg, R-N.H., Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., Richard Lugar, R-Ind., John McCain, R-Ariz., Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, Arlen Specter, R-Pa., and George Voinovich, R-Ohio.

Liberal and Incompetent
by Gov. Bobby Jindal
June 14, 2012

A few weeks back I found myself at the scene of the crime… campaigning in Wisconsin with Governor Walker. One thing was abundantly clear, and if you spent any time helping out Governor Walker in his campaign, you can attest to this — The radical left has taken over the Democrat Party.

Last Tuesday in Wisconsin, the silent majority was very loud. Call it the Cheesehead Rebellion. I suppose you could say that the people have spoken, but the truth is they spoke a year and half ago and this entire recall election was nothing more than a case of sour grapes from the radical left that has taken over the once proud Democrat Party. Let’s remember what happened here. The hard left launched this recall because Scott Walker had the audacity to act in the best interests of the people of Wisconsin.

Governor Walker inherited a fiscal mess from the previous Democrat Governor, with a fiscal shortfall of over $3 billion, so he fixed the problem and balanced the budget without raising taxes. Indeed, property taxes will actually now go down. And now, Wisconsin is adding jobs for the first time in quite a while and the unemployment rate is lower than it has been since 2008. But again, let’s remember WHY the radical left launched this recall…Here’s the frightening policy that Scott instituted…which is what caused all the fuss…are you ready for it?…it’s very scary…here it goes….

In order to eliminate the budget deficit and avoid having to layoff teachers….Governor Walker asked the public employee union members to pay a small portion into their own retirement plans and medical insurance, just like most folks in the private sector already do. That’s it. That’s what prompted the Democrat legislators to flee the state and hide in Illinois, that’s what prompted them to put Wisconsin through this civil war, which by the way, cost the taxpayers about 18 million dollars.

And here’s the kicker – the Democrat candidate, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett did NOT EVEN campaign on the issue of collective bargaining. He didn’t run TV ads on it, he didn’t run radio ads on it, it was nowhere to be found. So the very reason for the recall was absent from the actual recall. Why is that? Very simple – the people of Wisconsin agree with the conservative reforms of Governor Walker.

The truth is — Governor Walker’s conservative reforms are reasonable, they are sound policy, they are fair, and they are working. 

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When our justice system is in question, everything is in question
by Matthew Boyle
June 14, 2012

South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint doubled down on his call for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation over Operation Fast and Furious on Thursday, saying he thinks it’s long past time for Holder to leave office.

“I just think when our justice system is in question, everything is in question,” DeMint said in an interview on Washington, D.C. radio station WMAL.

“I came out a few months ago asking for Holder’s resignation,” DeMint said, ”because as this whole picture comes together, if we connect all the dots of the things he’s doing and not doing — he’s not defending some of the laws that we have in place such as the Defense of Marriage [Act], he’s suing states that are trying to fix their voter systems so that there’s less fraud, or states that are trying to defend themselves against waves of illegals coming into their states.”

DeMint went on to lay out just how deadly Fast and Furious really was, and how he thinks Holder hasn’t been forthright with Congress.

“And in this Fast and Furious thing, we talk about the one border guard, [Brian Terry,] who was killed with these guns, but it’s likely hundreds of Mexicans have been killed in the drug wars using these guns,” DeMint said. “He has just been less than forthcoming — let’s put it that way — on the things that have been asked for.”

When asked how he thinks this plays out from here, DeMint said he thinks the House will vote to hold Holder in contempt of Congress, “but that’s not necessarily going to force him to resign.”

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