Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29, 2012

Democrats Defect, Vote for Holder Contempt
June 28, 2012

The House on Thursday cited Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. for contempt of Congress in a historic vote weighted with political significance, though it does little to break the stalemate over his decision to withhold documents over the Justice Department’s actions in a botched gun-walking operation.

The 256-67 vote amounted to a political spanking for Mr. Holder and President Obama, and 17 Democrats joined with Republicans in demanding the documents be released. Most Democrats, however, walked out in protest of the vote.

It marks the first time an attorney general has been held in contempt by a chamber.

But the White House dismissed the proceedings as a sideshow, and the vote does nothing to break the impasse, though it further poisoned feelings in an already bitterly divided chamber.

“No Justice Department is above the law, and no Justice Department is above the Constitution,” said House Speaker John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican.

Democrats pleaded with the Republicans to slow down the proceedings, saying the oversight committee, led by Chairman Darrell Issa, California Republican, has done a shoddy job in putting together its investigation.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Democrat, even introduced a resolution demanding that the House reprimand Mr. Issa for partisanship and accusing him of having “engaged in a witch hunt.”

Many Democrats walked out of the contempt vote in protest, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, said the vote was a black eye for the Republicans.

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SCOTUS Exposes Obamacare Tax Lie
by Perry Fisher
June 29, 2012

The United States Supreme Court reaffirmed the power of words and rhetoric.  Take a bow, Progressives.  Clap.  Clap.  Clap.  Clap. 

But beware the Pyrrhic victory, dear friends on the left -- the victory that cost too much.  The Court has called you to account.  This decision wraps and ribbons a gift to Republicans, the gift of a core issue that remains very unpopular with much of the voting public.

Lemons to lemonade, they say.  This decision presents the opposition with a rallying cry.  If intuition serves, the Supremes have re-irritated an already addled giant.  Make hay when it shines, they say.  Republicans can now, more than before, in unison, call for the repeal of the Mandate Tax on the grounds that it was sold as not a tax.  It was sold as a bill of goods.

It was bait-and-switch, and the power-holders knew it all along.  They knew all along that they had authority to mandate as a tax, but they also knew they couldn't call it a tax for getting re-elected reasons. 

Which goes to account for the stunned progressive reaction to the challenge in the first place.  How dare anyone question their authority?!  But the Court today makes them look cowardly, for having the lust for their convictions but not the courage of them.

This interpretation shows the Court remonstrating Democrats, saying, "You passed a tax, by God -- now you call it a tax."

The number-one national issue in the 2012 presidential election is economic, but as a cultural question, the scope, limits, and trustworthiness of government looms large and ominous to those who perpetrated the fraud of duplicity: disguising a wolfish tax in the sheep's clothing of moral imperative, just long enough to pass it.  It's at least as unwise to scam voters as it is not nice to fool Mother Nature.  "Repeal The Mandate Tax" has an appealing ring to it, in a bumper-sticker kind of way.

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