Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012

The Obama Way: Selling Failure as Success
by Lawrence Wolfe
July 14, 2012

Bob Dylan once wrote, "There's no success like failure [we learn from our mistakes], and failure is no success at all." So what has Mr. Obama learned from his mistakes? Admitting to no mistakes during the past three years, "success" is exactly the way the Obama administration explains away the more than 5 trillion taxpayer dollars that have so far been spent. While "success" is most often measured by its return, benefit, or gain, with no way to prove otherwise, this administration chooses to measure its success by "how much worse the recession might have been" if they had not spent the $5 trillion. In fact, as we get closer to the election, these same experts are now telling us that the $5 trillion they spent actually saved the world from another Great Depression. They base this conclusion, of course, on...well, their failure. How noble. Having gained nothing from our $5 trillion somehow proves that they were right to spend it and save us all from "much worse."

The last time such success was measured by the depth of its failure was The Great Depression. As my friend Alan the Liberal recently told me, "if there's one thing we learned from the Great Depression, it's that we need to spend more." The fact is that in 1933, unemployment was 18%. By 1938 (just prior to the WWII draft), despite billions of dollars injected into the economy via the First New Deal, the National Recovery Act, the various federal work programs, and the Second New Deal, unemployment was 12.5%, while the federal government, through its various work programs, was employing an additional 10.5%. Despite all the government spending, unemployment had effectively increased. Compare that to the Marshall Plan, during which some $26 billion, or 10% of our GDP at that time, was spent through private industry. Unemployment during those years (1946 to 1952) ranged between 3.9% and 5.3%, despite millions of our servicemen and women returning home from the war and joining the work force.

Barak Obama, in 2008, won the presidency on the platform that (among other things) he understood the country's economic problems and, more importantly, knew how to solve them. Three-plus years later, the administration is now telling us that "The economy turns out to have been far worse ... than we knew at the time," "we are moving in the right direction," and that he now "needs more time to fix the economy."

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Obama Calls Retreat with Border Station Closures
By Jessica M. Vaughan
July 14, 2012

Obama administration officials have announced yet another step backwards from effective border control and immigration law enforcement. Citing the need to save money and consolidate operations closer to the border, the Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP), which includes the Border Patrol, will close nine border patrol stations: six in Texas, one in California, one in Montana, and one in Idaho. Forty-one agents and seven support staffers will be relocated from the “deactivated” stations to posts closer to the border.

This move is a blow to public safety in the nine areas that are directly affected, and will create new safe zones for human and drug smugglers to move their loads across the country. It also suggests that the president is bent on replacing our effective layered approach to border security, which allows for the border patrol to apprehend illegal aliens even deep within the interior of the country, with a 21st century Maginot Line, with agents and fancy technology concentrated along the border itself, but free passage for illegal aliens who make it past the frontier.

Clustering all of our assets on the border is an absurd strategy (unless you are concerned more with facilitating illegal immigration than stopping it). With economists forecasting sustained high unemployment for years to come, state and local governments going broke, and foreign drug cartels and terror groups established in hundreds of U.S. cities, the federal government ought to be adding border patrol stations in the interior, not closing them.

Democrats have Destroyed the Black Family
by Susan Petrey
June 14, 20120

The Democratic party has destroyed the black family with their welfare policies. 

I have personally witnessed the destruction of the welfare state in the south.. women intentionally bearing children to receive additional welfare funds, foregoing marriage because it would reduce their government benefits. The minimum wage has forced less skilled workers out of the job market and into a life of government dependence. The aims of the Democrats may be different from these outcomes, but these results do not measure up to those aims: the unemployment rate is up, poverty is up -- government dependency is up .. and MUCH more so among the poor and minorities in this country, and it is BECAUSE of liberal policies. 

As much as Democrats blame Reagan/conservative policies, the data under Reagan for the poor and minorities show they clearly had a MUCH higher standard of living with greater employment and a reduced poverty rate. Until Democrats start looking the RESULTS of their policies and stop just diverting blame with claims of racism to those who offer a conservative solution.. they are doing nothing but perpetuating these miserable problems for the black community. 

I believe a significant number of blacks in this country are finally starting to question the status quo.. this welfare state of the liberals is NOT working.

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