Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19, 2012

Shocker: 83% Support Work Requirements for Welfare Beneficiaries
by Daniel Doherty 
July 18, 2012

Most Americans think there are too many people on welfare who should not be getting it and believe overwhelmingly that those who do receive welfare benefits should be required to work.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 83% of American Adults favor a work requirement as a condition for receiving welfare aid. Just seven percent (7%) oppose such a requirement, while 10% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Support for a work requirement is slightly higher among those who personally know someone who is receiving welfare benefits.

In other words, only 7 percent of those polled in the Rasmussen survey would support the Obama administration’s directive to “gut” President Clinton’s welfare reform law. Wonderful. Incidentally, Guy wrote about this topic yesterday, speculating why the White House -- in the middle of an election year -- would single-handedly unravel a hugely successful (bipartisan) compromise that Americans overwhelming support. (Click through and draw your own conclusions, but his analysis certainly makes sense). More to the point, though, could the president be any more out of touch? He’s made an alarming amount of “gaffes” over the last few months, none of which were more galling than when he actually asserted – to an audience of entrepreneurs, mind you -- that “if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own.” Smart. Unsurprisingly, his comments have sparked genuine outrage across the country.

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CVN Feature
Hash-tag Hilarity: #ObamaKidsBooks
July 19, 2012

Once again the Twitterverse was engaged in some hash-tag hilarity with some pretty clever names for children's books on Wednesday evening. Here is a sampling of a few prime picks!

Hugh Briss ‏@FoolishReporter
#ObamaKidsBooks Dr Do Little

Conservative Sue ‏@conservativesue
Barack and the terrible, horrible, very bad economy. #ObamaKidsBooks
Conrad Rocks @ConradRocksTX
Casper, the friendly voter

John Boy ‏@AddledObserver
#ObamaKidsBooks "The House That You Didn't Build Jack"

conrad @MostRadicalMan
The Little Old Woman That Lives In A Shoe Because Her Medicare Was Cut By Obamacare #ObamaKidsBooks

#ObamaKidsBooks Bi-Curious George

Conservative Sue @conservativesue
Charlatan's Web (of Lies) #ObamaKidsBooks

Gordon ‏@gphmusic
#ObamaKidsBooks Barry, Barry very scary, how does big government grow?

Conrad Rocks ‏@ConradRocksTX
#ObamaKidsBooks The Little Engine That Couldn't Do It on It's Own

Scott Lincicome ‏@scottlincicome
My Little Crony #ObamaKidsBooks

Conservative Sue @conservativesue
Little House in Foreclosure #ObamaKidsBooks

Conrad Rocks @ConradRocksTX
#ObamaKidsBooks Heather Has Two Welfare Mommies

Rising Dawn ‏@DawnRiseth
The Socialist Family Robinson #ObamaKidsBooks

Amanda Bland @blandinbasement
Rumplestillspending by the Borrowers Grimm #ObamaKidsBooks

Tel-Jonah Stern @TellyStern
#ObamaKidsBooks Fun with Barack and Michelle, "See Barack spend. Spend Barack, spend. See Michelle vacation, vacation Michelle, vacation."

Conrad Rocks @ConradRocksTX
Jack and the government mandated beanstalk. #ObamaKidsBooks

J. Harrel ‏@MJonHarrell
"Charlie and the Solar Panel Factory" #ObamaKidsBooks

Dale Franks ‏@DaleFranks
#ObamaKidsBooks A Series of Unfortunate Policies

Sohali ‏@sohali2012
#ObamaKidsBooks Solynderella

VoteTheBumsOut ‏@SoCalLynn
#ObamaKidsBooks Twinkle Twinkle little Czar

Conrad Rocks @ConradRocksTX
20,000,000 Mortgages Under the Sea #ObamaKidsBooks

Crispin Armon Gipson ‏@critterman76
#ObamaKidsBooks Bob the Out of Work Builder

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