Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 9, 2012

Actor Will Smith on 75% French Rate: ‘God Bless America’
by Todd Beamon
by August, 9, 2012

French President Francois Hollande’s promise to hit those making more than $1.24 million a year with a 75 percent tax has actor Will Smith singing the praises of America.

In a French television interview in May, the Philadelphia-born star of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” TV series explained why he would pay higher taxes, reported on Wednesday.

Smith, a supporter of President Barack Obama, was in Europe promoting his latest film, “Men in Black III.”

“I have no issue with paying taxes and whatever needs to be done for my country to grow,” he said in the interview, according to CNS. “I believe very firmly that my ability to sit here – I’m a black man who didn't go to college, yet I get to travel around the world and sell my movies – and I believe very firmly that America is the only place on Earth that I could exist.

“So I will pay anything that I need to pay to keep my country growing,” Smith said.

The interviewer then asked Smith about Hollande’s plan.

“75? Yeah, that’s different, that’s different,” Smith responded, according to CNS. “Yeah, 75. Well, you know, God bless America.”

This Chart Showing Welfare Dependency Will Ruin Your Day
by Becket Adams
August 8, 2012

Are you serious? Over 110,000,000* in the U.S. are currently receiving some form of government welfare?

“The federal government administers nearly 80 different overlapping federal means-tested welfare programs. Social Security and Medicare are not part of this category and not included in the figures in this chart,” a statement released on Wednesday by Sen. Sessions’ office reads.

“[S]ince 2000 Medicaid has increased from 34 million people to 54 million in 2011 and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or food stamps) from 17 million to 45 million in 2011,” according to a statement released on Wednesday by Sen. Sessions’ office.

But here’s our favorite part: “Spending on food stamps alone is projected to reach nearly $800 billion over the next decade.”

Oh, $800 billion. Great, that’s, uh, swell.

The statement continues:

These figures include not only citizens, but non-citizens as well. For instance, USDA has acknowledged a formal partnership with Mexico to boost food stamp enrollment amongst non-citizens, migrant workers and foreign nationals.  In a ‘radio novela’ USDA even depicted an individual who resisted food stamp enrollment (saying her husband earned enough to take care of them) but who was successfully pressured into enrollment.

Yep. Non-citizens enrolled in the Mexico-U.S. food stamp program. That is all.
Time for a Moratorium on Whining "I'm Offended"
by Andrew Klaven
August 9, 2012

All through the 1980s, feminists called men pigs, leftists called conservatives racists, and columnists openly compared right-wing politicians to Hitler. Then Rush Limbaugh came along and started fighting back, and all of a sudden we started to hear about the lack of civility in public discourse! Civility only became an issue when the left started taking it on the chin.

Likewise, getting offended and demanding apologies has for a long time been the default mode of the left. If you said “Obama’s policies hang over America like a black cloud,” there was a collective gasp. You used the words “black” and “Obama” in the same sentence! You must be racist. Talking while conservative was like being locked in a room with one of those Woody Allen characters who hear the word “Jew!” embedded in the most innocent remarks. The idea was to silence and hobble right wingers by making them worry about everything they said.

Well, sorry, now we have the internet, where we conservatives can point out that the hatefulness and violent anger spewed by the left against anyone who disagrees with them, especially women and blacks, are megatons worse than anything coming from the right. And what do you know? Suddenly, being offended is out of style!

Here’s Bill Maher, writing not long ago in the New York Times: “Let’s have an amnesty — from the left and the right — on every made-up, fake, totally insincere, playacted hurt, insult, slight and affront. Let’s make this Sunday the National Day of No Outrage. One day a year when you will not find some tiny thing someone did or said and pretend you can barely continue functioning until they apologize.”

And here’s Chris Rock, complaining that criticism could have a chilling effect on comedy after he took some Twitter heat for a joke about July 4th: “Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”

Now here’s the thing. In principle, sure, I agree with these leftist whines. I like civility, and I’m bored and annoyed with people who pretend to be offended over the littlest thing. Chris Rock’s joke, for instance, was legitimate and funny. I love this country but no country is without sin and I don’t think we need to become humorless and pious to celebrate our independence.

But if you dish it out, guys, you better be ready to take it — and the left has dished this I-am-offended garbage out for years. And is still dishing it out! Observe the reaction to comedian Jon Lovitz going off on Obama recently: accusations of racism and even a death threat! Well, sure. An American comedian making jokes about the president? Whoever heard of such a thing?

So okay, lefties, let’s all stop being offended. You first.

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