Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21, 2012

Media Elite Knock Obama for 'Snarky, Belittling' Campaign
by John Nolte
October 21, 2012

Winners act like winners. Losers act like losers. And according to members of the same media elite who have spent months protecting him, Barack Obama is now looking like a loser in the closing days of his reelection campaign. This morning, a few members of the elite "Gang of 500," including Time's Mark Halperin, The National Journal's Ron Fournier, ABC's Terry Moran, and Politico's Roger Simon, publicly voiced their disapproval of a campaign they describe as "belittling," "not confident," "peevish" and worse:

Uh, oh.

In 1984, President Reagan ran on "Morning In America." In 1996, President Clinton ran on a "Bridge to the 21st Century." In the final days of successful reelection campaigns, both Reagan and Clinton offered a unifying message meant to bring the country together. Their closing arguments were uplifting, forward-looking, and optimistic.

Flash-forward to 2012 and all we've seen from the man who promised us hope, change, and a new kind of politics is a nakedly cynical divide and conquer crusade that's only gotten worse in its closing days. While Romney focuses his closing argument on the future, his agenda, and the realities of governing, our president is literally going all in on Big Bird, contraception, Binder-gate, "Romnesia," and aids flanking him at rallies holding signs that read: "Women's Health Security."

This smallness and naked desperation is not only apparent, it's familiar. I don't mean to pick at an old scab, but in the closing days of the '08 campaign, we saw the same  kind of behavior from John McCain. He knew he was losing and in a desperate bid to gain traction, his message became erratic (suspending the campaign) and small (Joe the Plumber).

Probably with good reason, Barack Obama is also not acting like a winner.  So bad is his behavior, in fact, that he's given Romney a massive opening to declare Obama's behavior "unpresidential." Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that Romney was beaten senseless for his  lack of substance? The secret's out: Obama has no second-term agenda.

But the real problem is that Obama's run out of nonsense to hurl. That's why he's left with "Romnesia" and binders. Certainly, the corrupt media's been happy to go along with any nonsense Obama offers them, but guys like Halperin aren’t stupid. They know this silliness only serves to diminish the president and won't move a single vote. Moreover, they know it likely means that the campaign is panicking over internal polling that shows it all going the wrong way.

I'm not predicting a Romney victory, but with the polls as erratic as they are, one way to gauge where things are is by looking at the behavior of the candidates.

Winners look like winners.

Losers look like losers.

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Santa not seeing the Obama recovery
by Jazz Shaw
October 21, 2012

In addition to the traditional, religious joy of the Christmas season, it usually brings along presents of another kind to politicians in power. Sales, particularly for toys and entertainment products, tend to see a sharp rise in the fall. This can spur additional hiring, if only of the seasonal variety, and a short term sugar rush for the economy at large. So if we’re going through a huge recovery, as the First Lady recently said, this should provide an additional boost to Barack Obama’s prospects in the final weeks as we approach November. Yet strangely… it hasn’t.

As retailers gear up for the busy holiday shopping season, there’s trouble brewing in Toyland, according to research from Goldman Sachs.

Toy sales have been on the decline for some time, but Goldman suspects the trend may be accelerating, and this week the firm cut the industry’s rating to “cautious” from “neutral.” It also downgraded Hasbro shares to “sell” from “neutral,” while keeping Mattel shares at “neutral.”

As noted, this is likely part of a longer term trend, not something that just suddenly happened under Obama’s watch. Goldman estimates that toy sales are down roughly 30% over the past fifteen years and there are a number of factors at play. These include the increase in hand-held, internet capable devices which act as “toys” in parallel with their normal functions as phones, readers, etc. And of course, the depressed economy hasn’t helped matters. But if we’re truly in a sustainable recovery and people are going back to work, it seems as if the newly prosperous families would be celebrating with some nice gifts for the kids, if not stabilizing the decline in sales, at least slowing it.

Instead, it’s accelerating.

“The nominal amount spent on traditional toys/games in the U.S. per capita is down 30% from $85 per person to $60 per person since 1998, and the pace of the decline has accelerated to 5% to 10% year to date,” said Michael Kelter, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, in a research note announcing the ratings changes.

If this is a huge recovery, I’d hate to see a stagnant one. It almost makes you want to run out and buy a few more gifts just to keep the kids happy. But if this is yet another factor which leads to Barack Obama failing to win a second term, my previous suggestion that perhaps he could move to the Island of Misfit Toys is probably off the table.

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