Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1, 2013

Conservatives Launch New Social Network to Escape Facebook ‘Censorship’ — Will You Join?
by Jason Howerton
January 31, 2013

Fed up with the threat of “censorship” on Facebook, a group of a conservatives are launching their own social network called “The Tea Party Community.” The site, which doesn’t even officially go online until Saturday, has already attracted nearly 50,000 members.

The site’s co-founder, Tea Party activist Ken Crow, told Fox News that The Tea Party Community will be the “new home for conservatives and the Tea Party movement in America.”

“Most of us are subjected to censorship on Facebook…I’ve been suspended there as have many of my friends. You also absorb a lot of abuse from liberals,” Crow said.

Crow reportedly teamed up with Tim Selaty Sr. and Tim Selaty Jr. to put the social networking site together in November, which dubs itself as a “safe haven for the conservative movement where we can share ideas and thoughts and express ourselves without fear of retribution.”

Crow said he, along with many other conservatives, feel as if Facebook intentionally targets conservatives through its policies.

“Most of us are subjected to censorship on Facebook,” Crow explained. “I’ve been suspended there as have many of my friends. You also absorb a lot of abuse from liberals.”

“As many as 100 Facebook users contacted Fox News with complaints that the social networking site had either removed conservative content or blocked them for posting conservative content,” Fox News reports.

Fox News has some additional details about The Tea Party Community:

It’s no surprise The Tea Party Community has a very similar look and feel to Facebook.

“That was intentional,” Crow said. “We didn’t want there to be a learning curve for the new members.”

You can “friend” people and “like” posts. You can also join pages and meet up with like-minded conservatives in your home state. And like Facebook – The Tea Party Community is free of charge.

Crow said he’s not surprised by the popularity of The Tea Party Community. He expects it to become not just a social networking site – but a political networking site.

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The Perpetual Campaign
by Conservative Sue
February 1, 2013

Well, it appears that perpetual campaigning is no longer the exclusive domain of the Obama administration.  Apparently, Reince Priebus, the dear leader of the Grandiose Old-White-Man Party, liked Obama's perpetual campaign strategy so well, he has adopted it for the GOP 2016 race.

That's right.. we are now beginning the 2016 campaign for President of the United States.


Now, perhaps you can sense the sarcasm in my tone.. but just in case you missed that...

This move by the GOP is just one more example of big-party voter manipulation.  It will do NOTHING to solve our problems as a country; this perpetual campaign will be used to deceive voters into towing the 'party line' and will likely just increase the divide (and distrust) that already exists between voters and their elected leaders. If you think people hate politics now, just wait until a few years have passed when we have been enduring campaigning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  I enjoy politics, but even I will loathe it when it never stops!
What happened to statesmanship?
What happened to governing?
What happened to writing and passing budgets?
What happened to being accountable to the voters?
Campaign is just a fancy word for propaganda.  Politicians say whatever they have to say, do whatever they have do get votes.  Lies are just fine, as long as they result in the right person being elected and re-elected, right?  It's Saul Alinsky 101 - the ends justify the means. Maybe they all need to be limited to ONE term in office, so they can actually stop the campaigning and start the governing.

We can't afford a 'say whatever you have to say' government. They all lie.  Liberals lie to get bigger government.  Conservatives lie to hide the fact they don't have the guts or the intelligence to  slow down the growth of big-government.  We must step up and demand the lies STOP, that leaders be HELD TO ACCOUNT for what they do while they are in office (or rather, fail to do).

Enough of the fun and games, Mr. Priebus and the GOP.  It's time to get serious and get to work, or GET OUT OF OUR WAY.

Thanks to Democrats, poor families getting squeezed on Obamacare exchanges
Moe Lane
January 31, 2013

They’re calling it a “glitch.” Goodness gracious:
Some families could get priced out of health insurance due to what’s being called a glitch in President Barack Obama’s overhaul law. IRS regulations issued Wednesday failed to fix the problem as liberal backers of the president’s plan had hoped. 
As a result, some families that can’t afford the employer coverage that they are offered on the job will not be able to get financial assistance from the government to buy private health insurance on their own. How many people will be affected is unclear.
The Obama administration says its hands were tied by the way Congress wrote the law[*].

Essentially, it breaks down like this: the government is forcing everybody to buy health insurance. The government is also mandating the existence of health care exchanges. If somebody theoretically can’t afford the exchanges, then they theoretically can get subsidies. The rule of thumb for ‘affordability’ was capped at a level designed to keep people from simply dropping their employer coverage. But the rule of thumb was also capped assuming average costs for individual coverage, not average costs for family coverage. As a result, some families will be left in a bad situation: they don’t get family coverage from their employers, they aren’t able to afford the new exchange policies on their own, and they can’t get subsidized because they’re over a badly-designed arbitrary affordability level. And, of course, this is all disproportionally targeting lower-income families.

Well, as Nancy Pelosi (in her increasingly doddering way) said, they had to pass the law in order to find out what was in it.

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