Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012

Beck: America is on the verge of a 'Political Renaissance'
by Todd Beamon and Kathleen Walter
June 18, 2012

America’s two-party system has never worked and often leaves voters with poor choices in the voting booth, radio host Glenn Beck told NewsmaxTV.

“It’s not working for the same reasons that George Washington said it wouldn’t work,” Beck said in an exclusive interview at the Faith and Freedom conference in Washington, D.C. “In his farewell address, he warned against the two-party system. It becomes corrupt and it becomes beholden of special interests.”

Beck, at the conference to discuss his new book,"Cowards: What Politicians, Radicals, and the Media Refuse to Say,” added: “Beyond that, what really hurt us is the progressive movement, with Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, when the Progressives went into both parties. That’s why there’s no change, that’s why we keep voting for the other party, but it ends up being exactly the same thing. Because they’re Progressives in both parties.

“The secret here is to be able to see this time if we have enough conservatives and free-market thinkers who will be as vocal and as strong and as active with a Republican in office as they are with a Democrat in office,” Beck said. “Do we change because the party label changed?”

The conservative personality – “The Glenn Beck” program airs on 400 stations and is the third-most-popular radio show in the United States – said his book’s chapter on Libertarianism is by far the most important.

“The face of the Libertarianism Movement is Ron Paul,” Beck said. “And yet, that’s not who Libertarians are. There’s a lot of Libertarians who don’t agree with Ron Paul on a few things. I’d make him the Secretary of Treasury [snaps] that fast. I would support him on ending the Fed [snaps] that fast.

“But when it comes to some of the other policies, I happen to disagree with him. That’s OK. That’s OK. The chair has been taken away from the Libertarians at the table of debate. It was always there, but the Progressives took it away. And it became ‘liberal,’ which was Libertarian, and conservative.

“Where’s the libertarian voice?” the former Fox News TV show host asked. “Most Americans are. We have to stop telling lies to ourselves that these parties are that different.”

The 2012 election is the nation’s most important, Beck said, but its significance is being lost among a plethora of debates and Super PAC advertising.

“We are losing the truth of how important this election is,” Beck said. “This is Abraham Lincoln, this 1860s. Whoever is the next president is going to decide the course, because we can’t live in this gray area anymore. We either go to more freedom or to a different system. And so the truth now is more important than ever.

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The Immigration Ploy
by Thomas Sowell
June 19, 2012

President Obama's latest political ploy -- granting new "rights" out of thin air, by Executive Order, to illegal immigrants who claim that they were brought into the country when they were children -- is all too typical of his short-run approach to the country's long-run problems.

Whatever the merits or demerits of the Obama immigration policy, his Executive Order is good only as long as he remains president, which may be only a matter of months after this year's election.
People cannot plan their lives on the basis of laws that can suddenly appear, and then suddenly disappear, in less than a year. To come forward today and claim the protection of the Obama Executive Order is to declare publicly and officially that your parents entered the country illegally. How that may be viewed by some later administration is anybody's guess.

Employers likewise cannot rely on policies that may be here today and gone tomorrow, whether these are temporary tax rates designed to look good at election time or temporary immigration policies that can backfire later if employers get accused of hiring illegal immigrants.

Why hire someone, and invest time and money in training them, if you may be forced to fire them before a year has passed?

Kicking the can down the road is one of the favorite exercises in Washington. But neither in the economy nor in their personal lives can people make plans and commitments on the basis of government policies that suddenly appear and suddenly disappear.

Like so many other Obama ploys, his immigration ploy is not meant to help the country, but to help Obama. This is all about getting the Hispanic vote this November.

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