Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 25, 2012

Maine Gov. Pulls Out of Convention in Protest Over Delegate Purge
by Newsmax Politics
August 24, 2012

Maine Gov. Paul LePage said Friday that he will not attend the Republican National Convention, highlighting a deep rift within the state GOP that party members say will not heal after next week's unity gathering in Florida.

LePage issued a statement saying that instead of attending the Monday-Thursday convention, he'll focus on state business and spending time with his family.

The governor's decision came as the Republican National Convention's credentials committee determined that the election of 20 delegates supporting the libertarian-leaning Ron Paul violated party and parliamentary rules. In doing so, the committee assigned 10 of the delegates to mainstream state GOP members who challenged the Paul delegates' election and support presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

On Friday, LePage followed through on his promise this month not to attend the Tampa gathering unless the delegation elected during a raucous state convention in May is seated.

"I made it clear, when the challenge was issued, that I felt the Maine delegates selected at the Maine Convention should be seated in Tampa," LePage said in his statement. "It is unfortunate that not all of these delegates will be seated.

"I am hopeful that we can put this behind us and focus on the real issues affecting our nation. Our nation's economy is struggling to recover and Governor Romney has put forward an agenda that will help us turn it around," LePage concluded.

But a deep division within the Maine GOP left by the delegate fight won't heal anytime soon, party activists said.

"I actually see an exodus of people leaving the party," said Matt McDonald, a Paul supporter who was elected as a delegate. Many, he predicted, will join the Libertarian Party.

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Jobs: Reagan vs. Obama
by Otto Sorenson
August 25, 2012

Stephanie Cutter, President Obama's deputy campaign manager, recently boasted to Willie Geist of MSNBC that, from an employment perspective, the recovery of the economy under President Obama compares favorably with the Reagan recovery.  Her claim seemed adequately outlandish to warrant comparing the two recoveries based on two criteria of central importance to the American people: the net number of new jobs created and the change in the number of people of working age who are either unemployed or not in the workforce (and therefore not counted as unemployed).
In each case I used unadjusted data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics from the month which was the trough of the recession experienced at the beginning of each President's term of office.  Those months were January 1983 and January 2010.  I then compared that data to the identical data from January of 1989 and July of this year.  The results are as follows.

The Reagan recovery, encompassing a period of 72 months, resulted in the creation of 24,833,000 net new jobs, or approximately 344,900 jobs per month.  Over that same period the total number of people of working age who were either unemployed or not in the workforce decreased by 5,234,000, or approximately 72,700 per month.

The Obama recovery, encompassing a period of 31 months, has resulted in the creation of 6,317,000 net new jobs, or approximately 203,800 jobs per month.  Over that same period, the total number of people of working age who are either unemployed or not in the labor force increased by 205,000, or approximately 6,600 per month.  In tabular form, the comparison is as follows:

These differences between the Reagan recovery and the Obama economy take on added significance when you realize that the size of the working-age population increased by approximately 43,180,000 people from January 1983 to January 2010.  When that factor is considered, President Reagan's recovery created 0.0031 net new jobs per month per working-age person.  By contrast, President Obama's "recovery" has created only 0.0013 net new jobs per month per working age person.  In other words, when it comes to job-creation, President Reagan was more than twice as effective as President Obama -- and President Obama's policies have been so counterproductive that, during a recovery, they have actually resulted in an increase in the number of Americans who are either unemployed or simply no longer in the work force.

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Obama Adds Military to 'Enemies List'
by Breitbart News
August 21, 2012

President Barack Obama has added military heroes to his “enemies list,” singling out veterans’ groups such as Special Operations for America and Veterans for a Strong America on his campaign website, much as he singled out donors to Republican rival Mitt Romney for attack. Several veterans’ groups have spoken out against the Obama administration’s habit of taking credit for the Osama bin Laden raid and leaking military secrets for political gain--so the Obama campaign is trying to shoot the messenger.

The charge made by the Obama campaign is that the veterans’ groups are “Swift Boat 2.0”--referring to the group that launched a series of ads (never refuted) in 2004 contesting claims by then-Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry about his war record. Left-wing groups aligned with the Obama administration have even gone so far as to call the U.S. Navy Seals “gutless” for their participation in criticism of Obama.

Ryan Zinke, a member of the Montana state Senate and a U.S. Navy SEAL from 1985 to 2008, told Breitbart News: “It's a sad time for America when a President has to resort to bully tactics, intimidation, and misleading personal attacks against anyone who dares to speak out and be heard. The good thing is Americans have a long history of defeating tyrants.”

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