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August 27, 2012

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist Endorses Obama
by Newsfront
August 26, 2012

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist says he's backing Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential race.

The former Republican made the announcement in an op-ed piece published in Sunday's Tampa Bay Times. The endorsement came as Republicans are gathering in the Tampa Bay area for the GOP convention. It also came amid preparations statewide for Tropical Storm Isaac.

Crist left the Republican Party during his unsuccessful bid for a U.S. Senate seat in 2010 and is currently registered as having no party affiliation. He was elected governor of Florida as a Republican in 2006.

In the Tampa Bay Times article, Crist wrote he's "confident that President Barack Obama is the right leader for our state and the nation."

Republicans wasted no time in slamming Crist for his choice -- and his timing.

Florida GOP Chairman Lenny Curry in an e-mail to Florida Republicans called Crist's endorsement on what would have been the eve of the GOP convention a "repugnant display from a self-centered, career politician."

“Make no mistake about it: This is Charlie Crist trying to shed his skin for a political comeback,” Curry said.

“Calling him a liberal will only play into his hand,” Curry wrote. “He hopes it will divert attention away from his record and his years of calling himself a conservative. You should take every opportunity with the media to remind Floridians that Crist has made a career out of bashing the Democrat Party and everything President Obama stands for.”

“I’ve said it time and again,” former GOP spokesman Brian Hughes told the Miami Herald of Crist in an email, “he is the silly putty of Florida politics, he’ll bend whatever direction you want and if you smash him against the newspaper he’ll offer you a poll-tested, mirror version.”

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“We the people” gave the elite GOP our right to choose the Candidate!
By Terry J. Sigmon
August 26, 2012

As we quickly approach the GOP Convention and the official battle for the Republican Party to retake the White House, have Conservative Americans once again forfeited their integrity in the selection process?

What appeared to so many, to be a long grueling Primary process that supposedly allowed the voices of most conservative and independent minded Americans the opportunity to select the next challenger to the Obama sham was little more than a spectacle, a side show offered by the “progressive” elite GOP establishment.  Even an ardent student of the political process would have to admit that the stage production, broad media coverage, showmanship, and even the cast of “pretender” characters was well scripted for prime time “sweeps” television.  The perfect stage settings were meticulously selected to ensure that the public eyes focused their attention on the spot-lighted “performer” of the hour; just like a “Card Trickster” guides the on-lookers attention away from the slide-of-hand to mesmerize the mind of even the astute skeptic.

Like current “Reality” shows, each week the audiences are offered titillating expectations of secret strategies , heated skirmishes, whodunits, colorful combatants challenging the other “contestants” into duels with swords, pistols, sound bites, and the promise of an even better episode the ensuing week!  As the weeks and Primaries passed before our eyes, the “players” seemed to change their stage placements, choreographed perfectly, as the media “handlers” and TV crews politely blurred the stage so the audience would enjoy the performance – and forget the purpose.  At the end of each performance, “talking heads” provided hours of slanted opinions commentary as to what was just seen and heard. The viewer, therefore, would never be required to listen, take notes, or even be concerned about the “thoughts” and ideas presented by the candidate.  Once again, “…we the people” let total strangers from a wide-screen TV decide for us.

To so many, “The American Dream” consists of living in a society filled with Liberties and Freedoms for all; opportunities abounding in every part of our “great” nation; our borders and vital government functions performed and protected by our paid civil servants and dedicated military; and the hope that our children and grandchildren will live a better life than we…but our Founders provided and hoped so much more for us!

Freedom and Liberty are not “free” – patriots, soldiers, statesmen, and working Americans from every race, faith, and walk of life have fought continuously, even before the birth of America, to ensure that our God given “rights” are protected.  When we choose indolently to sit idly in front of our TV screens, allowing a few elite politicians, technocrats, pollsters and processors to make our decisions for us, “…we the people” gave up our God given rights!

Whether we admit it, most Americans did not select Mitt Romney as their first or even second choice to be the Republican candidate for President of the United States.  As the “producers” and “directors” of our “Reality” show, called the political process, guided our “minds” though a maze of calculated directives, “…we the people” gave up our Integrity, our Dignity, our deep-seeded beliefs, and our faith, in the same manner as Judas did to Jesus; and we didn’t even receive 30 pieces of silver.  We willingly sacrificed Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry & Ron Paul, as well as others on the alter! 

It is my most humble opinion that Barack Hussein Obama’s election as President, right next to 9-11, is the single most devastating event that has affected modern-day America; but for Americans to accept a mediocre, at best, candidate like Mitt Romney who does not share our Conservative values; does not believe in the “sanctity” of life of the unborn; does not believe that we are a Nation of Law and not Man; but instead believes that the “state” and big government is the answer to our health-care and many other issues, is a clear sign that “…we the people” have given up the fight for our God given “rights”!  MAY GOD HELP US ALL!

Paul Says his backers will 'become the GOP tent'
by AP News
August 26, 2012

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Rep. Ron Paul, the plucky GOP presidential candidate yet to get fully behind Mitt Romney, lashed out Sunday at Republican efforts to marginalize his supporters at the upcoming party convention, telling a counter rally to stand firm because "we will become the tent eventually."

Appearing not far from where Romney will collect the Republican nomination, Paul used the rally to lecture a party he thinks is too willing to intervene abroad, too timid when it comes to combating a monetary policy he sees as misguided, and too lax about preserving civil liberties. His remarks were the perfect pitch to a friendly crowd of thousands, who stood the whole time he spoke.

"It made the paper in Washington that the revolution wasn't happening," the Texas Republican said. "Don't they only wish."

Paul ended active campaigning in June, but so far the libertarian-leaning politician hasn't endorsed Romney's candidacy. He told The New York Times for a story Sunday that he was denied a chance to speak because he refused to let the Romney campaign vet his remarks and give an unconditional endorsement.

In contrast to the stately scenery inside the Republican convention arena, the Paul rally had all the trappings of a rock concert: fog lamps, sweeping beams of colorful lights, music thumping with bass, free-flowing tap beer. Blues Traveler frontman John Popper performed ahead of Paul's remarks.

The University of South Florida college basketball arena was hardly full, but boisterous Paul fans erupted most times he was mentioned and wore shirts with his name and image; one shirt read "My President is Paul" and another said "Let Ron Paul Speak."

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