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August 28, 2012

Gingrich: Obama Like a 'Teenager' Running Up Nation's Debt
by John Bachman and Patrick Hobin
August 27, 2012

The United States has “never had a president who behaved as much like a teenager as Barack Obama” by building up debt and spending the money of future generations, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Newsmax.TV in an interview at the Republican National Convention.

America, Gingrich said, will wind up paying more interest on the debt than it will for defense.

“You know, we’ve never had a president who behaved as much like a teenager as Barack Obama," said Gingrich the exclusive interview.  “He’s running around with a credit card, spending our money, our children’s money and our grandchildren’s money building up a huge debt and if interest rates go up a bit at some point, we’ll end up paying more interest on the federal debt than we paid for national defense. People need to realize how a big a threat this is to our longer economic future.”

The former Republican primary candidate is hosting a series of seminars at the convention in Tampa called “Newt U,” which he said drew over 1,100 people online on Monday. About 300 people attended the Newt University program.

“I love doing this stuff,” he said. “I love solving problems and the combination of learning and teaching is a key part of solving problems. …So it’s great for us as a party. It reminds people that we are a very broadly based, idea-oriented and solution-oriented party and I’m delighted that the Republican National Committee and the Romney campaign has been so enthusiastic in having us do it.”

Gingrich said he will speak Thursday night at the convention and will give a tribute to Ronald Reagan with his wife, Callista.

“People are going to find it a terrific reminder that Reagan and Romney facing Carter and Obama are actually in many ways very similar situations at this point and that the country made a very big choice in 1980, and we think the country will make a very big choice, again, in 2012,” he said.

Gingrich drew a sharp contrast between Reagan and Obama. Reagan, he said, “campaigned with the slogan, ‘Leadership that is working.’ He was positive about ... America. He had a terrific record of job creation and America was back. Four years into Obama... he has to give us excuse after excuse.

"Somebody said that he started with, ‘Yes, we can’ and now his campaign slogan is ‘Why we couldn’t.’ That’s just pretty inadequate and tells you what a failure the Obama administration has been.”

He said he wasn’t surprised at the tone of the campaign because Obama has to stay negative to win.

“Obama cannot possibly slow down and have any hope of getting re-elected,” Gingrich said. “He has got to pile every ounce of negatives he can on Mitt Romney because if this campaign is on big issues and big choices, Obama’s going to be beaten very badly.”

When asked about the Tea Party’s success this year, Gingrich said the group “should feel pretty darn good this year. You look at Indiana’s results, you look at Nebraska’s results, you look at what just happened in Texas. There’s clearly a continuing, underlying momentum towards more constitutional government, less spending, lower taxes, more limiting power in Washington.”

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Issa at the RNC: Fast and Furious Won't Go Away if Obama Loses in November
by Katie Pavlich
August 28, 2012

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa has been investigating the lethal Department of Justice program known infamously as Operation Fast and Furious for nearly two years. Under Attorney General Eric Holder's leadership, DOJ officials have done everything possible to delay the investigation until the November 2012 presidential election in an effort to make the entire thing go away. Many have speculated that if Mitt Romney beats Barack Obama in November, the entire scandal will disappear, but that just isn't the case. As long as Issa is Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, the Fast and Furious headache for DOJ and ATF officials responsible, isn't going away. Criminal charges are very much on the table as a consequence of Fast and Furious, no matter who is sitting in the White House.

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Larry Kudlow: Obama would rather punish the wealthy than fix the economy
by Nicholas Ballasy
August 27, 2012

TAMPA, Fla. — Larry Kudlow, host of “The Kudlow Report” on CNBC, warned of a recession if current tax rates for all income brackets expire and the planned automatic spending cuts take effect.

He also told The Daily Caller that President Barack Obama would rather “punish” the wealthy than deal with America’s current economic challenges.

“I really think the fiscal cliff, which is really a tax cliff — it’s a tax-hike cliff — depends on the election. I mean, I think that the [Congressional Budget Office] CBO is right: If we don’t fix it, we’re going to have a recession. At the moment, I see no effort by Obama to deal with it. I mean, if I were he, and I were running in a close race, honest to God, I would call people together and sit down and hammer out a deal right away and you know what? That could possibly win the election for him. But he shows no evidence, no inclination to do that,” Kudlow told TheDC in Tampa after speaking at “Newt University” — a public policy forum sponsored by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich during the Republican National Convention.

“All he wants to do is bash rich people and bash businesses. It’s crazy to me. So I think that, I think that if Romney wins, I take, Ryan told me this Thursday, the first order of business is going to be to fix the fiscal cliff and avoid the recession. And I hope to hell that’s right. We can’t, I mean — here’s the deal: After what we’ve been through with this awful recession and this awful recovery, I personally do not believe this country can take another recession.”

Kudlow said another recessing would be “devastating” in “psychological terms” for the country.

“Our enemies around the world would just lick their chops if America stumbles again, and that bothers me a lot,” Kudlow said, specifically citing Russia, China and Iran.

He also opposes Obama’s call to only extend the current Bush-era tax rates for families making under $250,000 per year.

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